Spoiling Horse People (and their horses)

Spoiling horses can be a controversial subject. Ask one of the big time trainers and they laugh at you for suggesting that a horse deserves a cookie. Ask an amateur hobby equestrian and they usually have a few bags of their preferred treats and goodies for their horse. Whatever your stance, I think we can all agree that sometimes, our horses deserve a little spoiling, whether in the form of scratches or cookies.

Now on to the horse people. Equestrians often times spend more money, time, and effort on our horses rather than ourselves, my tore up finger nails compared to my horse’s perfectly shod hooves as an example. So when it comes to spoiling a horse person, it usually turns into spoiling their horse for them. The hard thing about that is equestrians are picky about what they want for their horse. Their wish list may include a new show blanket in their show colors, a new bit, that piece of tack you have no idea how to pronounce…. so as a person wanting to spoil an equestrian, how do you magically know what to get them? Is this blanket the right colors? Is this leather breast collar the right style? On the flip side, if you ask an equestrian what they want, they often say “don’t worry about it” or “what ever you think” because to be honest, we feel a little guilty about our expensive and picky taste. For example, there’s no way I’m going to send the link to that $300 cowhorse bit to someone who asks me what I want for Christmas….

So here is the conundrum… how do you show a horse person that you love them and support their love for horses? Or as a horse person, how do you spoil your horse without walking into a tack store and “accidentally” spending $300 instead of $10?

Let me introduce you to saddle box.

An affordable way to spoil that horse person or horse in your life without the guessing games and without spending 3+ hours in a tack store.

What do they include?

  • Awesome quality treats
  • Pieces of tack that any equestrian could use (no matter the discipline)
    • Past boxes have had leather cleaner, hoof picks, brushes, lead ropes, etc
  • Gifts for the human too!!
    • Past boxes have had books, socks, home decor, etc.

Like most things in today’s world, saddle box can be bought/given as a one time box, or as a subscription (one box automatically sent every month). The more boxes you buy, the cheaper they are. Plus, how nice is it to have these things sent automatically?

Prices start at $50 for a one box purchase, then go down in price from there. You can also find 20% off codes on their website if you look hard enough.

Thinking about giving saddle box as a gift? Check out this link https://www.saddlebox.net/gift/

Thinking about getting a saddle box for yourself? (There’s no judgement, I am totally all for having things automatically shipped to me) Check out this link https://www.saddlebox.net/

Still unsure and want to do research? (I get it, I overanalyze every single one of my purchases) Check out these links for past boxes and reviews https://www.saddlebox.net/past-boxes/ https://www.saddlebox.net/reviews/

Happy shopping my friends!


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